Shaldon Kopman has spent the past 15 years shaping Naked Ape into a studio that embodies the essence of African-inspired non-binary wear, with a strong focus on sustainability. Through the use of biodegradable textiles and a no-waste approach, Shaldon has championed the mantra Ethi Ecos, reflecting the brand's commitment to being Ethical, Ecological, and Economical, while emphasizing Love, Respect, and Appreciation in all aspects of their work. All garments are tailor made, ensuring a personalized and unique experience for each customer.

Proudly rooted in South Africa and Africa, Naked Ape celebrates its identity and its contribution to the continent's creative landscape. Shaldon enjoys collaborating with various artists and crafters across the continent, drawing inspiration from all things Africa. This unique approach contributes to the brand's distinct selling proposition and luxury offerings. Alongside nurturing design talent and actively contributing to discussions shaping the African fashion industry, Shaldon continues to challenge and reshape perceptions of African fashion, promoting inclusivity both locally and internationally.